21 May 2010

Slow ahead, slow

Although I may not have posted for two months, I have continued to work on the model (although slowly). Track laying on the outer loop feeder has reached F2, halfway across which section the track will emerge from the tunnel portal.

It's going fine so far and, because I have been wiring the track bus as I go along, I have been able to do running tests to check progress at every point. Trains run smoothly out of the storage sidings onto the feeder tracks, up the incline, and back again.

You may also notice that I have painted the trackbed. I'm using a Dulux mix colour "spicy sandalwood 1" which gives a good approximation to bare earth colour, at least in the lighting I have at the moment. Where the track emerges from the tunnel (or rather, a little before that), I have split the cork mat into narrow track-beds, to give an impression of embanking once the ballast is added. Track is fixed as far as the visible joins in the above photo.

I've been spending lots of time thinking about scenery... more on this in the next post.