14 July 2009

Running test #1

This past weekend, back from holiday, I reached a long-awaited milestone. Click below for the evidence!

This is a vindication of all the work that has gone before, showing (a) that the trackbeds are level enough to support smooth running, and (b) that the mainline gradients are manageable. Although it has to be said, as far as (b) is concerned, that this is not the most stringent test. The test train, a Hornby class 101, is a small unit with a relatively good motor; I have yet to try the test with a longer loco-hauled train. And I also need to try the branch line, where perhaps the gradients are more challenging. I will do both of these things before going any further with construction. But, so far so good.

1 comment:

Iain Robinson said...

Looks fascinating! Runs very well, too, definitely time to sit back and enjoy a cuppa, or somthing stronger...looking forward to watching developments on this layout.