30 May 2009

Completing the circuit

A major milestone today: on a sweltering hot afternoon in the loft, I completed the inner and outer loops. It should now be possible to run a train all the way round the main circuit (although I've not tested this yet).

The final linking sections took some work, as I had to get the levels and alignments exactly right, but on the whole it looks pretty good. My work rate today was slower than usual because of the heat (far warmer than it was outside - the loft absorbs and retains heat rather well). But I have reached the point I wanted to reach by the end of today.

Here are some close-ups of the two linking sections:

The long gap in the above photo will be the bridge mentioned in a previous post. I have removed some of the framework to allow me to put in a lowered section when the time comes to add scenery.

Note the double-slip crossover in the above. The hanging track to the left is the start of the branch line.

The time for laying track is fast approaching, but there are a few bits of tidying up and levelling to be done. I hope to avoid these dragging on as I really want to get started on the railway rather than the construction. And I also have some news about the branch line: more on that in the next post.

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