18 May 2009

Layout test #2

The purpose of the second layout test is to determine the final alignment of the track beds. No track has been fixed yet but the track is more or less in final position.

The photos below are a selection of views from the test.

Above: views of the station area from the left-hand and right-hand approaches respectively.

Above: a train waiting to depart from platform 3. The alignment of this line presently has a switchback curve (under the loco in the above photo) because the chimney breast turns out to be larger than I allowed for on plan (...doh). It means that the available length for platforms 2 and 3 is a bit shorter than I'd like. I am thinking about ways to move the entire station alignment forward, which would allow more space for the platform structure. However, doing this puts pressure on the curves on F5i which are already as tight as I want them to be. I feel some playing in XTrk coming on...

Above: the station throat on B5u. I have added the new board section at the front of the board, but not fixed it yet.

Above: a view of the entire layout as it stands now.

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