20 June 2009

Nearly time to hang up the spirit level

Today the last of the trackbeds went in. It completes the branch line loop round to the station, and adds some sidings on F1. That completes the track bed construction - although I still have some tweaking to do, as always!

The level area will house a small depot (for freight or locos, I'm not sure yet). The curving trackbed to the right is the branch line that climbs up from its wiggle through the mainline supports.

The level board is the closest this layout comes to the construction method I used on the old portable layout (see this post). The surface is 6mm MDF, which is not ideal but is what I had left (all the plywood has been used or cut up). It is well supported by the timber frame, and won't ever have high-speed traffic, so should be OK. It's not fixed yet but there are enough surfaces in good contact to make that a simple task next time I'm up in the loft.

Here's a slightly wider shot of the same area showing the station throat as well:

I have also spent some time tidying the loft and organising the "bits and pieces" that I am gradually acquiring - including, most recently, a consignment of nuts and bolts for fixing the baseboard tops to the frames along the back.

Next up, a continuation of the first fix...

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