05 December 2009

More track laying

Finally, finally, I got some more loft time today! I used it to lay some more track in the storage sidings. Because I am gluing the track to the trackbed, I need to leave it alone while the glue dries, and so I had time to install the track bus wiring. Suddenly the bundles of wires start to look impressive.

Most of the track bus connections are now soldered to the track and run back to connector block into which the DCC power is fed. So far, so easy.

The newly laid track lengths themselves are not yet broken at the section breaks. I will do that later once the track is all laid, secured and wired. As mentioned in a previous post, the trackbed level at the section breaks has to be millimetre perfect; by laying the track across the break I hope to establish the alignment and then cut the track with minimal impact on the rail surface.

In the course of the past few weeks I have also, in odd moments, managed to get the three point motors connected up and working. I really do have an increasing need for the control panel.

The next step is to extend the storage sidings the other way (B4 and B5). All looking good so far.

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