03 January 2010

Track laying #3

After the predictably long Christmas break, work has resumed on laying track. The first picture shows the view along B4 to B5, with all tracks aligned properly. Nothing beyond B3 is fixed yet because I haven't settled the alignment of the pointwork on the B5 throat.

Below is a closeup of the throat area on B5 as laid out before fixing. This is a transitional view as I am in the process of changing some of the points from straight to curved, to soften some curves. The curved point shown in the centre of the picture replaces a straight point in the plan, and allows the feeder track leading away to the right to have a larger radius. The right-most point, currently straight, will also be changed to a curved point to allow a similar relaxation on the other feeder track.

The original plan called for a branch-line spur leading off the storage sidings on B5 (the track bed is visible in the above photo under the spare point on the right). Unfortunately the turnout for this spur sits across the B4-B5 section break, which makes it unfeasible in the current modular construction. I don't want to have to abandon the spur, as to do so would put the final nail in the coffin for the old branch line route, but I can't presently see a way to avoid it without compromising the modularity of the layout. Sigh. Such is life.

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