21 January 2010

The disadvantages of a cramped loft

Working in a small, cluttered loft certainly has its disadvantages. Below is a picture taken this evening of the layout space. No beautification or kindly angles; it just tells it like it is.

I feel a serious tidy-up coming on. Quite apart from the hazards, I am increasingly finding that I have to move half a ton of stuff before I can do anything. For example, today I have been laying track on B1l, to do which I had to take this section out of the frame and move it into a workable position. As the above shows, I had no choice but to stack it on top of other bits of baseboard, tools, materials, and goodness knows what else. There was just nowhere else to put it.

So I think next time I go up to the loft, I will spend some time sorting out what I really need from what I can do without. I need to tidy up, reorganise and rationalise.

And oh yes, I made some progress today as well. Equipped with a set of curved points, I have laid the curved crossover on B1l, complete with motors. See below, with track template still in place. The above rant notwithstanding, things are continuing to move forward.

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